Essential Welding Supplies You'll Need

Essential Welding Supplies You'll Need

Posted on Sep 08 , 2021


Jonathan Lewis

Are you planning to start welding for fun or commercial reasons?

More than 400,000 people work in welding, so you're not alone. First, you'll need to make sure you have the right welding equipment and supplies.

Read on to learn about the welding supplies you need today.

Welding Equipment

Before you start welding, you'll need to make sure you have the right equipment to weld correctly.

Obviously, you'll need a good welding machine to weld anything at all. Once you have that in place, you'll need to have the right equipment to sculpt and measure things. 

Proper sculpting equipment for welding includes hammers, pliers, handheld grinders, wrenches, chop saws, cutting torches, angle grinders, or an oxy-acetylene setup.

Proper measuring equipment for welding includes clamps, tape measures, metal gauges, speed squares, soapstone, sheet metal gauges,

Welding Safety Equipment

It's important to stay safe while you're welding. That means you need to have the right welding equipment. A good welding helmet will protect your hair, eyes, and face when you're welding.

Ideally, you should consider a helmet that darkens automatically. You can also invest in safety glasses for another layer of protection.

Welding gloves will help you protect your hands from the heat when you're welding, to prevent burns or other injuries. Respirators and dust masks will prevent you from inhaling any dangerous materials. Flame-resistant clothing or aprons will help you protect your clothing and your skin from the heat involved in welding.

Plus, you'll want storage to keep your welding equipment out of harm's way. Look for solid cabinets, and make sure that you keep them organized.

Once you have the right welding safety equipment, make sure you follow safety best practices. Avoid wearing anything that could get caught or burned while you're welding. Never stare directly at any light, which can cause damage to your eyes. Keep any clutter away from your welding area, so that you don't accidentally weld something that shouldn't be welded.

Welding Supplies

You can't exactly create something from nothing. That's why you'll need to purchase welding supplies once you have all your equipment in place. 

Of course, you'll need plenty of different filler metals for all your welding needs. Look for rods in various alloys, and wire for smaller or more delicate jobs.

Weld-on hinges can help you create doors or other items that need something that moves. Electrode feeds will help you reinforce welds so that they last longer.

Use different practice coupons before you start welding, so that you can practice what you're trying to do before you start on your actual work. Purge blocks are very important for back purging and fixturing. 

If you want to practice your welding, take a look at different welding starter kits that will allow you to complete specific projects.

Welding Supplies? Now You Know

Once you've stocked up on different welding supplies, you'll be able to start welding on the regular.

Are you looking for welding services, or do you need to purchase welding supplies? Check out Superior Welding and Fabrication today.

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