Weld Test Fixture/Purge Block

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The Aluminum weld test fixture/purge block from Superior is the answer to your fixturing and backpurge needs for your welder qualifications and procedure testing. The billet 6061 aluminum comes standard with coolant passages (not shown) to allow hookup to your water cooler to keep your fixture and test pieces cool. This allows for faster test cycles and more control over the starting temperature of the fixture/coupon during testing. Our proprietary diffuser evenly distributes your backpurge gas eliminating the "spots" that can be seen in other designs. Unit shown with optional copper hold downs that were requested by a past customer. All hardware is included to hook up to your gas and water cooler lines.

For those needing "T" joint testing we also offer the weld test fixture/purge block with our proprietary fixture allowing complete purging on the back side of your weld coupon. Our design allows the welder to clamp the vertical piece in place reducing warpage of entire coupon.  

Due to our current high demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery from order date. We appreciate your understanding and patience. 

We also offer custom test fixtures/purge blocks for your unique applications. Please email or call before placing order for custom block.