Welding Classes

Do you want to invest in yourself or your employees? Are you looking to step up your game and become a certified welder? Need your employees qualified for a job your looking at or that you secured? We can help! Superior currently offers on site training and certification that can be customized for your specific needs, along with our various programs. This class in held at our Wooster, OH location. 

TIG Welding Classes

    Welder Certification/qualification

    We offer on site welder certification and qualifications. This saves your company valuable time sending your employee out to get testing. General tests usually take around 4-8 hours to complete and the results are back to you in just days. We can help set up your procedure and you will be provided with your PQR and WPS where applicable. We can provide practice plates/pipe for each person as well as the final testing plates/pipe. Stands and filler materials can also be provided. We can also rent welding machines for the test(s). We commonly spend a day training welders on passing their specific tests. This is a valuable investment since tests can become quite expensive if failed, especially multiple times. We can bring in our own specimen bender for the practice coupons to verify the welder is ready to take their final test. Please contact us for your specific needs. 

    Training to AWS D1.1, API 1104 and/or ASME. 

    Contact us for more details.