The model 8010 replaceable cartridge gas purifier is useful in many laboratory and industrial applications where the introduction of oil and/or water can result in poor performance or equipment shut-down. It is not uncommon to find varying levels of these impurities in some industrial gases and occasionally even in specialty carrier gases. The small daily operating costs are easily justified by the prevention of a system shut-down and the subsequent cleaning and/or repair costs.

The units are especially useful in GC carrier gas lines to ensure that undesirable moisture does not enter the instrument. Water can contribute to inaccurate results and the rapid deterioration of expensive chromatography column separation phases. The model 8010 purifier shell must be used in conjunction with specially designed replaceable cartridges.

Models 8010-1, 8010-2, or 8010-3 are filled with various adsorbents. Model 8010-4 contains a 5 micron sintered bronze filter element. These are described below. These cartridges are shipped in hermetically sealed cans with convenient pull-tab tops for easy opening. This improved packaging ensures full retention of capacity in storage until the time of use.

Shell body: anodized aluminum
Shell head: nickel plated brass
O-ring seal: buna-N
Cartridges: 8010-1 Molecular Sieve 13x
  8010-2 Molecular Sieve 4A
  8010-3 Activated Charcoal
  8010-4 Sintered Bronze
  8010-5 Molecular Sieve 3A
  8010-6 Molecular Sieve 5A

Other materials available on request.


Max. Operating Pressure: 3000 psig(500 psig for oxygen)
Operating Temperature: -40° to +165°F.
Inlet and Outlet Ports: 1/4" NPT female
Dimensions: 2" dia. x 5 3/4" long
Weight with Cartridge: 1.5lbs.
Dew Point Achievable: -100°F.

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