Unbreakable TIG Cup™

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We are very excited to bring the welding world the Unbreakable TIG Cup™ by @superiorwelding. All of us will drop our torch and shatter the ceramic and glass cup at some point in our career. It seems to always happen when we put a new one on or have a expensive ceramic or glass cup on. With our #8 cup you won't have to worry about dropping and breaking a cup again. 


  • Fits #9 and #20 torches. It will fit a stubby gas lens on your #17 and #26 torch but is recommended for water-cooled torches only.
  • 150 amps max for a short duration.
  • Water cooled torch required (or at least highly recommended).
  • DC WELDING ONLY!!! Do not use on AC

Limited quantity available. 

Made in USA