One reason we wanted to start our store is we have had a ton of requests for affordable, low quantity weld test coupons in both plate and pipe. Our goal here is to supply the practice coupons to help you further yourself in your career. These plate sets are perfect for the welder who wants to practice a test in his home shop or a small company that wants to do the same. If you would like larger quantities please contact us, superiorweldandfab@gmail.com, and we will get you a quote for plates and shipping. 

We do offer a discount for schools and we do accept PO's. Please contact us before placing order.

Each set comes with two pieces of the actual plate and one backing plate, as shown in the pictures of each product. If you desire a specific bevel for your practice plates send us a email and we will get them for you at no additional charge. 

Ships USPS Priority

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