The Argweld® PurgEye® 300 'Nano' Weld Purge Monitor® has been specifically designed as a very low cost, basic entry level version of the Argweld® PurgEye® 300 for indicating low oxygen levels in inert gas for weld purging down to 10 ppm.

With a large alpha-numeric display, the Argweld® PurgEye® 300 'Nano' measures very accurately from 1000 ppm down to 10 ppm.

The Argweld® PurgEye® 300 'Nano' uses a unique new low cost long life sensor which has very little maintenance requirement and avoids the disadvantages of monitors with 'wet cell' technology that have to be constantly calibrated and have sensors replaced.

We use the Nano 300 in our personal purge chambers and have tested this unit against other monitors at ten times the cost and found it to be extremely accurate. This is the most affordable Weld Purge Monitor® on the market. 

Suitable for operation from 115/230v single phase 50/60 Hz, complete with calibration certificate. All delivered in sturdy case for storage and transportation

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