Best hand torch control for TIG welding!

Easiest to use!

A light touch of a finger or thumb is all it takes!

Simple and Reliable!

No moving Parts!

Must Have for out of position TIG welding!

Far more than just a ” tig button “!

Effortless tig hand control!

Free yourself from the foot pedal and its annoying cable!

 Control welder output with NO foot pedal!

With the TigButton™ – More Pressure = More amperage     Less Pressure = Less amperage!

On a ladder? Under a vehicle? In a tight space? Make the job easier with TigButton™.

Old school hand controls are a pain. Trying to move a slider or dial while holding a TIG torch with the same hand is not natural. TigButton™ brand  TIG amperage control fixes that!

We recognized a need for a better control and were inspired to create the most user friendly hand control ever built for TIG welding. Not having to move a finger or thumb to change welder current output level, lets you focus on making the best weld possible.

Using TigButton, the finger or thumb on the TigButton still assists in holding/supporting the torch.

The TigButton can be easily moved to any location on the torch handle as needed for a comfortable grip.

Ordering. Carefully select correct TigButton™ set for your machine. If your machine is not listed please contact us before placing your order.


TigButton™ set for 14 pin Miller

Set code – TBS-S-ME-14

This set fits Miller brand welders with the following model numbers:
Dynasty model,  200, 280, 300, 350, 700
Maxstar model,  200 SD, 200 DX, 280, 350, 700
Syncrowave model, 210, 250, 350
TigButton™ set for 6 pin Miller
Set code – TBS-S-ME-6
This set fits Miller brand welders with the following model numbers:
Maxstar model, 150 STL, 150 STH


TigButton™ set for 8 pin RJ-45 Miller.

Set code – TBS-S-ME-8

This set fits Miller Diversion Series welders with the following model numbers:

Miller Diversion 165, Miller Diversion 180
TigButton™ set for 6 pin Lincoln.
Set code – TBS-HV-LE-SL
This set fits Lincoln brand welders with the following model numbers:
Lincoln Squarewave model, Tig 200, Tig 275, Tig 300, Tig 355
Lincoln Invertec model, V160s, V160t, V200t, V250t, V275s, V300 pro, V350 pro
 (Temporarily unavailable BACK  IN STOCK SOON!)
 Lincoln Percision 225
 Lincoln Squarewave models Tig 175, Tig 175 pro,Tig 350,
TigButton™ set for 8 pin Thermal Arc or SanRex
Set code – TBS-S-TA-8
This set fits ThermalArc brand welders with the following model numbers:
ThermalArc 185, ThermalArc 185 TSW, Thermal Arc 200 AC/DC ThermalArc 201GTS
Sanrex/Sanarg 185 AP, Sanarg 200 AC/DC
 TigButton™ set for 7 pin HTP
Set code – TBS-S-HT-7
This set fits HTP brand welders with the following model numbers:
Invertig 221 AC/DC, Invertig 221 DV AC/DC
TigButton™ set for 5 pin CK Worldwide
Set code – TBS-S-CK-5
This set fits the CK-Worldwide / Mister Tig model MT-200
TigButton™ set for 7 pin AHP
Set code – TBS-S-AH-7
This set fits the AHP brand AlphaTig 200.
TigButton™ set for a 5 pin Miller Syncrowave 250
Set Code- TBS-S-ME-5-SL
TigButton set for Esab Rebel 205
Set code-TBS-S-ES-8-8L

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