The Western Inert Gas Quick-Connects allow you to quickly connect/disconnect from your regulator or backpurge device. Sold as the QDB33 for the quick connection from the regulator or QDB34 as a quick connect from hose to hose. I personally have my entire welding shop outfitted with these quality, made in USA quick connects. 

B Size, 5/8"-18 RH UNF Thread 200 psi max working pressure

QDB33- Regulator to hose with check valve

QDB34- Hose to machine/hose to hose with check valve

New for 2020/2021 we have added the OSHA compliant KwikLok Quick Conneect fittings. These cannot be disconnected unless you line up the Sleeve Lock Feature. Will not disconnect by means of a straight pull.

Torch to Hose Set (Oxy/Fuel) QDB40

Hose to Hose Set (Oxy/Fuel) QDB50

Regulator to Hose Set (Oxy/Fuel) QDB60

Machine to Hose (Inert) QDB74

Regulator to Hose (Inert) QDB73


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