5 Myths about Welders: Dispelling the Misconceptions

5 Myths about Welders: Dispelling the Misconceptions

Posted on Dec 03 , 2021


Jonathan Lewis

There are many misconceptions about the trade of welding. Here are five of them to dispel so that welders can be better understood by society.


The public frequently misunderstands welders. They're seen as violent and rowdy people, welding up cars in their garage or welding things to themselves for fun. The truth is that welding is a skilled trade that requires dedication and determination to master. Unfortunately, a little knowledge of the work can dispel several welding misconceptions.

In this blog post, we'll discuss five common welding mistakes and dispel misconceptions about welders so you can better understand them!

Welders Don't Earn A Lot Of Money

Welding is a low-paying job. Right? Not at all. Many welding jobs can be lucrative and pay well over six figures a year, depending on the specialty, experience level, and work location.

Specific vocations, particularly those that need a wide range of talents such as underwater welding or positions in the aerospace industry or the military, can be considerably more lucrative.

Skilled welders can make more money working overtime for a few hours per night. Welding students who have accomplished less time in school may work faster because welding schools take less time to finish than a four-year degree.

Welding Is A Hard Career To Get Into

Welders with extensive hands-on training are in high demand. There are several different job options available to you after obtaining a welding education.

A building and construction worker, for example, might perform tasks such as installing and repairing pipe systems. A pipefitter may specialize in process plant maintenance and repair or fabrication and installation of piping networks. You could construct, maintain, and repair boats as a shipfitter.

Welders are in high demand as our nation's infrastructure ages. Welding instructors, welding supervisors, and inspectors are all possible careers for welders if you have a knack for education and administration. Welders have a wide range of job opportunities, and they may work in several industries.

For Welding, You Don't Need Many Skills

Welding is a very physically demanding job that requires years of training and practice. Learning to weld takes more than just holding the torch or electrode; it's an art combining physical skills like hand-eye coordination with science knowledge to execute any welding needed for different situations and materials too!

Welding is a craft that requires students to have strong science and math skills and many other attributes. Welders need to be able to use blueprints and read instructions with attention still on their jobs at hand to succeed successfully.

Welding Is Men's Work

Women are joining the welding market at a greater rate than before, and employers seek skilled employees. Women will undoubtedly continue to be trustworthy sources for employment as they move into more industry jobs with higher salaries than males.

According to the Department of Labor, there is an increase of female welders in all trades professions, accounting for 4 percent of the workforce, which is a significant increase from prior years. If this rate continues, women may become the majority by 2032.

Automation And Robots Are Replacing Welding Jobs

Welding has been a normal practice for many years, but as technology advances and automated welding becomes more popular, we must stay up-to-date. For example, certain repetitive operations in automobile manufacturing plants have already been automated with little need for human assistance. Still, once you remove these particular tasks from what can be programmed into them, they become too difficult for robots alone, so people are still required to do those jobs.

Welders are still required to do welding tasks that require a high level of precision, accuracy, and quality. Robots have not yet been developed to do welding well enough to replace humans in many welding situations. Welders can still craft anything that comes their way, and they will continue to be needed for years into the future because of this specific skill set.

The Final Word

Welding is a craft that requires skill and knowledge. Suppose you're looking for welding supplies like coupons, test kits, or other equipment welder-specific items. In that case, we here at Superior Welding & Fabrication want you to have all the resources possible in your quest for welding success.

We can help you to find the perfect products to get your business going smoothly. Call us today if you have any questions!

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